Sandalwood Nursing: RehabilitationPhysical, Occupational and Speech Therapies

Physical therapy assists patients in improving mobility, increasing safety awareness, as well as decreasing falls, improving cognitive ability, and decreasing pain.

Occupational therapy provides training to regain and strengthen ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL’s) independently. ADL’S include the ability to dress, provide your own personal care, toileting, driving, and other day to day functions.

Speech therapy addresses one’s communication and ability to swallow. Plans of care are created by the speech language pathologist (SLP) to address issues with speech and aphasia, swallowing abilities, voice and cognition.

Our SLP is certified in VITAL STIM therapy. This therapy uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation to re educate the muscles. It is offered to patients with dysphagia, status post strokes, Parkinson disease, and other diagnosis.

Our Therapy team is available as needed up to seven days a week for your therapy needs.